Frederick C. Luehring
High Energy Physics
Indiana University

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Links to information about me and maintained by me:

Find my complete contact information here.
Find my vita in pdf format here.
Find my recent talks in pdf format here.
Find the spread sheet containing information on the amount of TRT material here(xls).
The TRT barrel module material worksheet in html format is here and mass worksheet in html format is here.
The TRT end-cap wheel material worksheet in html format is here.
Find the pile-up requirements for Athena here(html), here(pdf), and here(ps).
Find the document about the wire joint radiation study here(pdf) and here(ps).
Find the TRT readout description for use with TRT byte stream work here(pdf) and here(ps).
My public ftp site at Indiana University is or
My CERN web site is which just points back to this page.

What I do:

I am currently working on the ATLAS project which will take data at the LHC particle accelerator at CERN.

Within ATLAS I am:

  • The Transistion Radiator Tracker (TRT) software coordinator.
  • The ATLAS Inner Detector (ID) simulation coordinator.
  • A member of the ATLAS Architecture Review Committee.
  • Helping with the construction of barrel TRT modules at Indiana University.
  • Monitoring the amount of material in the TRT and ID.

  • General Information About LHC and CERN

    CERN (The European Laboratory for Particle Physics) in Geneva, Switzerland is the world's largest particle physics laboratory and is home to the Large Hadronic Collider (LHC). When it is completed in 2005 the LHC will be the largest particle accelerator ever built (an for that matter the largest scientific instrument ever built).  If you are interested in learning about ATLAS and LHC take a look at the ATLAS educational pages for students and the general public here. Take a look at the award winning ATLAS movie.  Here is a map of the LHC site and an arial photograph of the CERN site showing how LHC fits into the mountainous area around the CERN site:

    Here is how the LHC site looks from the air:

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