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Indiana University Bloomington
D0 Experiment

IU Collaborators: Evans, Lammers, Parua, Price, Van Kooten, Zieminska

DZero detector

D0 is a multipurpose detector with a silicon vertex detector, central fiber tracker, liquid Argon and Uranium calorimeter, and a muon tracking system with large acceptance. Our group has contributed to the construction, installation and commissioning of the muon system and the calorimeter trigger. The D0 detector runs well, typically recording the interesting events delivered by the Tevatron with 90% efficiency. Our group works on analyses within the B-physics, Higgs and QCD working groups.

Recent Physics Results

Visible proper decay length of the J&Psi&mu sample with the projected components of the fit overlaid. D*Ks invariant mass for events with an associated muon showing the Dsl(2536) mass peak. The &Xib -> J/&Psi&Xi invariant mass distribution.


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