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IU Personnel: Jain, Luehring, Sulanke

ATLAS Midwest Tier 2 Center

Indiana University and the University of Chicago jointly manage the ATLAS project Midwest Tier2 (MWT2) computing center, with hardware split approximately equally between them. The Indiana University portion of the MWT2 is located in Indianapolis on the campus of Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Currently the IUPUI portion of the MWT2 has 1.8MkSi2k of computing power and ∼200TB of storage (MWT2 totals are 4.0MkSi2k, 400TB). The CPUs are various AMD and Intel processors purchased from several vendors – a total of 768 cores in at IUPIU with each server having ~2GB of memory per core. A 1 Gb/s link connects each compute node to the Indiana University backbone while storage nodes are connected to the backbone with 10Gb/s connections. The MWT2 is connected to the outside world with a 10Gb/s link.

Computing Resources within the Physics Department

Fermilab has lent 192 “excessed” three- year-old computer servers from the DØ project computer farm. Each server has two 1.66 GHz Xeon CPUs. These have been set up in 10 racks in the Physics Department and have been added to the existing ATLAS/DØ Tier 3 Analysis Cluster (16 2.66/2.88 GHz Xeon nodes, 11.4 TB of raid disk storage). This cluster has been used for DØ data reconstruction, Monte Carlo production, and ATLAS and DØ analyses. The Physics and Astronomy departments have secured funding from the IU College of Arts and Sciences to renovate space in the basement of Swain Hall for an upgraded computer facility. This ∼110 m2 room will have sufficient power and cooling capacity to house 24 racks of hardware in a single area, which will be easy to secure and maintain.

Last updated: 17 April 2014
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