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Curriculum Vitae

Talks I have given recently

Older Talks (available on request)

  • "B Lifetimes and Mixing", (arXiv:0905.1109) Heavy Quarks & Leptons, Melbourne, Australia, 5-9 June, 2008
  • "Bs vs anti-Bs: New Physics at the Tevatron?" Seminar at University of Wisconsin, 21 Apr, 2008
  • "The Busy b: Beauty Physics at the Tevatron" Colloquium at Indiana University, 5 Sep, 2007
  • "Heavy Flavor Physics at CDF and DØ" 40th Fermilab Users' Meeting, 6-7 June, 2007
  • "Bs Physics at the Tevatron" (arXiv:0705.4598) XXI Rencontres de Physique, La Thuile, Italy, 6-10 March, 2007 and HEP Seminar at Indiana University, 19 March, 2007
  • "B-Mixing & Lifetime Difference at CDF & DØ" CIPANP, Puerto Rico, 31 May, 2006
  • "Latest News on Bs Mixing from DØ" Colloquium at Columbia University, 27 Mar, 2006
  • "b's in Our Bonnet (DØ's role in the flavor path to new physics)" Colloquium at Indiana University, 28 Sep, 2005
  • "B-Physics at DØ: Recent Results and Plans" Tevatron Connection Workshop, 24 Jun, 2005
  • "The b Quark: A Vertex of New Physics" Seminar at Notre Dame, 6 May, 2005; Colloquium at Indiana University, 26 Apr, 2005; Colloquium at UC Irvine, 24 Mar, 2005; Colloquium at Columbia University, 18 Oct, 2004
  • "Heavy Flavor Production at Hadron Colliders (with a few photons and leptons thrown in)" (hep-ex/0408043) Physics in Collision, Boston, MA, 28 Jun, 2004
  • "b's in Our Bonnet (using B-hadrons to find new physics at DØ)" Colloquium at University of Alberta, 5 Feb, 2004
  • "Strategies for High Luminosity at DØ (more physics and the next trigger upgrades)" HEP Seminar at University of Alberta, 6 Feb, 2004
  • "Beauty in the Prairie" HEP Seminar at University of Washington, 30 Oct, 2003
  • "The DØ Run IIb Trigger Upgrade" DØ Collaboration Meeting Plenary Talk 10 Oct, 2002
  • "Results from CDF and DØ (Everything but the B)", (hep-ex/0211061) SLAC Summer Institute, Topical Conference, 16 Aug, 2002
  • "Breaking the Grip of the Standard Model with the DØ Experiment" HEP/Astro Seminar at Ohio State University, 10 Apr, 2002
  • "The DØ Experiment: now and later" Physics Colloquium at Cornell, 30 Apr, 2001
  • "Experimental HEP at Columbia", Columbia Graduate Student Open House, 2 Apr, 2001
  • "B-Physics at DØ (coming attractions)", HEP Seminar at University of Pennsylvania, 7 Nov, 2000
  • "The DØ Upgrade (where we are and where we're going)", The 7th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines (Beauty 2000), Maagan, Isreal, 13 - 18 Sep, 2000
  • "Higgs Searches at the Tevatron" ( hep-ex/0007024) Les Rencontres de Physique, La Thuile, Italy, 28 Feb - 4 Mar, 2000
  • "DØ Trigger Summary", DØ Collaboration Meeting, Seattle 2 Jul, 1999

Publications and other documents

  • Full publication list (04-Jan-2012)

  • "Snowmass Whitepaper: ATLAS Upgrade Instrumentation in the US", G. Brooijmans, H. Evans, A. Seiden; arXv:1307.5769[physics.ins-det]; local copy

  • "Measurement of the Upsilon Production in 7 TeV pp Collisions at ATLAS", The ATLAS Collaboration, arXiv:1211.7255[hep-ex]; Phys. Rev. D 87, 052004 (2013); DOI:10.1103/PhysRevD.87.052004

  • "Search for violation of Lorentz invariance in top quark pair production and decay", The D0 Collaboration, ArXiv:1203.6106[hep-ex]; Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012) 261603
    Fermilab Result of the Week: May 3, 2012

  • "Measurement of the Upsilon(1S) Production Cross-Section in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV in ATLAS", The ATLAS Collaboration, arXiv:1106.5325[hep-ex]; Phys. Lett. B705 (2011) 9

  • "A Search for a Light CP-Odd Higgs Boson Decaying to μ+μ in ATLAS", The ATLAS Collaboration, ATLAS-CONF-2011-020

  • "The ATLAS TRT Electronics", E. Abat, et al, Journal of Instrumentation (JINST) 3, P06007 (2008). [link]

  • "Design and Implementation of the New D0 Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger", M. Abolins, et al, arXiv:0709.3750[physics.ins-det]
    Nucl. Instrum. and Methods A 584/1, 75-97 (2008).

  • "The D0 Run II Impact Parameter Trigger", T.Adams, et al, physics/0701195

  • "Direct Limits on the B0s Oscillation Frequency", Fermilab-Pub-06/055-E, hep-ex/0603029
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 021802 (2006).

  • "Mixing in the B0s anti-B0s System Using Semileptonic Decay Modes and Opposite-Side Flavor Tagging" (DØ Link)
    DØ Note 4724
    Fermilab Result of the Week, March 10, 2005

  • "Averages of b-hadron Properties as of Summer 2004", Heavy Flavors Averaging Group, hep-ex/0412073

  • "Reconstruction of B_s -> D_s mu nu (D_s -> K*K-) decays" (DØ Link)
    DØ Note 4581-CONF (T. Bose)

  • "Measurement of the B_d mixing rate using three flavor tagging algorithms" (DØ Link)
    DØ Note 4578-CONF (C. Leonidopoulos)

  • "Limits on R Parity Violating Couplings from Precision Measurements of the Charged Current" (ps)
    OPAL TN521 - 12 Nov, 1997
    see also K.Ackerstaff, etal, Eur. Phys. J. C4, 193 (1998).

  • "Measurement of the Exclusive tau-lepton Decay to a Final State with One K0_S Meson and Three Charged Hadrons" (ps)
    OPAL PN258 - 10 Sep, 1996

  • Additional technical talks and papers are available on my STT, L2 Muon and L1Cal pages.

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