Date   Speaker Title
August 26 Organizational meeting

August 30 Yun-Tse Tsai
University of Rochester
Truth and beauty together: Evidence for s-channel single top production
September 2 Labor Day

August 4 Hayes Merritt
The Ohio State University
Measurement of the pp->ZZX cross section and limits on anomalous triple gauge couplings at sqrt(s)=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector
September 9 Yuri Bonder
Indiana University
Equivalence Principle and Unstable Particles
September 16 Robert Calkins
Northern Illinois University
Measurements of the Top Quark Pair Production Cross Section and Branching Ratio to a W-boson and bottom quark Using the Semi-Leptonic and Dilepton Final States with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
September 23

September 26 Deepak Kar
University of Glasgow
Not a jet all the way: discovery prospects using substructure

September 30

October 7 Matt Kistler
What we do and don't understand about the cosmic ray positron excess
October 14 S. Uma Sankar
ITT Bombay
The need for an early anti-neutrino run of NOvA
October 21

October 28 Ilan Levine
IU South Bend
Searching for dark matter with superheated liquids
November 4

November 11 Ben Weinert
Indiana University
Double J/ψ Production at ATLAS: A Study of Double Parton Scattering and Polarization
November 18 Andrew Brown
Purdue University
Dark matter searches with XENON100 and XENON1T
November 25 Thanksgiving Break

December 2 Tongyan Lin
U. Chicago
LHC searches for dark matter with flavor
December 9 Troy Porter
Cosmic rays in the Milky Way and Other Galaxies
January 13

January 20 MLK Day

January 27

February 3

February 10

February 17

February 24

March 3

March 10

March 17 Spring Break

March 24

March 31

April 7

April 14

April 21 Ben Jones

April 28 Jake Bennett