Daria Zieminska

Daria Zieminska
Physics Department
Indiana University, Swain Hall West 259
727 E Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

IU Phone: (812)855-4986

My field of reasearch is elementary particle physics: studying the fundamental nature of matter, including the most fundamental question, why we are here to discuss it. Currently, there is no complete theory. The current Standard Model of elementary particles does not explain the accelerated expansion of the universe and does not contain dark matter. There are models of its extension, with well-defined tests. They require large international endeavors to test them empirically.

I'm a member of the DØ Collaboration at Fermilab and the ATLAS Experiment at CERN.

Prior to this, I worked on meson spectroscopy at Brookhaven National Laboratory (as a member of the IU contingent), and on neutrino-deuterium scattering at FNAL.

Before coming to the US, I coupled and decoupled angular momenta, I measured spins of some hypernuclei with R. H. Dalitz .

At D0 I am a co-convenor of the QCD and Heavy Quark group and I work on searches for exotic hadronic states. At ATLAS, I'm working with my student Ben Weinert on understanding correlations of partons inside a proton.